Student reflections of the Erasmus+ project - Finland

 Student survey in Metsäkylän yhtenäiskoulu was performed between March 20th-24th, 2017. All students from grades 3-7 answered the questions, because they have been part of the program from the start. Students who were in 6th grade when the program started (2014), moved to a different school and were part of the program only for a year. They haven't answered this survey.

337 students answered the survey. Some students left part of the questions empty, so there is a variety in the total number of answers per question.

1. Do you know the title of our project ("Invaders - How They Shaped the Europe of Today")?
Yes: 86/337 No: 251/337

2. Have you taken part in any of the tasks of this Erasmus program?
Yes: 150/337 No: 187/337

3. Have you had skype sessions with the other Erasmus schools?
Yes: 29/337 No: 308/337

4. Have you participated in an Erasmus trip?
Yes: 15/337 No: 322/337

If your answer was yes, what was best of the trip?
Visit to Rimini, visiting and playing at the two schools.
Learning what the school is like in a different country.
The best thing was to learn about the Spanish culture and become friends with the Spanish.
Getting to know new people and learn about their country.
The whole trip was great and especially getting to know new people.
Visiting the two schools and eating local food.
Getting in touch with students from other countries.
Visiting places with the host family and eating local food.
I got to learn many new things about Italy.
Learning about the culture and meeting people.
I learned more about Romania and got new friends.
School days and field trips were the best.
The Romanians were really nice.
Meeting new people and getting to know about their culture.

5. Did you host Erasmus visitors while they were in Finland?
Yes: 34/337 No: 303/337

If your answer was yes, what was the best thing of that experience?
They spoke very good English.
Toboggan rides with the visitors.
Playing and doing winter activities with them was great.
I got to show a bit of Finland to her.
Evenings were great, when we were all together.
Cultural exchange
I got to become friends with a new girl and I was able to show and teach her something about Finland.
I taught her Finnish customs
It was best to play outside in the show with them, because they seemed to love Finnish nature a lot.
I liked everything we did together, for example skating with her.
I liked the Spanish girls a lot.
Going to Superpark with the Romanian boys was fun.
I liked getting to know her.
It was fun to teach her Finnish customs and spend time together the Finnish way.
I liked having a busy week with her.
It was nice to listen to English and see how much they liked the snow.
Visiting Funpark with them.
Snowball fight was great.
She was already a good friend of mine, so seeing her again was the best part.
Nothing. She was rude and kept us awake by talking on the phone with her friends.

6. Did you talk or do something with the Erasmus visitors while they were in Finland?
Yes: 187/337 No: 150/337

7. Have you learned something about the other Erasmus countries during this project?
Yes: 69/337 No: 268/337

If your answer was yes, tell more about it.
Language skills, such as English words, English names, Spanish words, Polish words, Italian words, Romanian words
I have more courage to use English now.
Cultural information, about different customs, about food in other countries
I now know what they look like :)
I've learned about the schools in other countries and about their culture.
I've learned about the history.
I've learned about their traditional sports.
Something about Polish history and nature.
I've got to learn what their languages sound like.
I've learned about places, food, language, etc.
I've learned about the Romanian history and its culture.

8. How do you rate this Erasmus project on a scale 1 to 5 (1 = not so good, 5 = very good)?
1: 15 2: 21 3: 108 4: 105 5: 84 /333 answers

9. How do you rate Metsäkylä's Erasmus week on a scale 1 to 5 (1 = not so good, 5 = very good)?
1: 13 2: 17 3: 78 4: 113 5: 110 /331 answers

10. Would you like our school to take part to another Erasmus program in the future?
Yes: 281/330 No: 49/330

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