Invasion is always a bad thing – debate with Finland – 21.02.2017

The invasion is always a bad thing beacause the two countries have to fight for the territory of the invaded county.
These little fights can become wars. The wars have really bad consequences. In wars, a lot of people die, some of the cities are affected. A lot of money are used for the weapons, for rebuilding the demolished buildings but also for meds, bandages and swaddles for treating the injured soldiers.
I think every country had to stay on their own territories and don't have to expand on other little countries which haven't resources to defand themselves.
Without wars, every people can have the chance to live in their own county and got to learn about their culture and speak their own language. This would not happen if the invations countinue.


Invading a country has always been a bad thing, although peoples have been invading other peoples for years.

First of all, the invading country takes the freedom of all the people of the invaded country. Those people are denied their rights and if they fight they are sent to prison.

Secondly, all the riches of the invaded country are taken and sent to the invading country and people become poor.

Last but not least, all the laws are changed and new laws; in favour of the invaders, are introduced.

In conclusion, invasions always cause bad things to the people who are invaded. 


Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Andreea and today I’m here to talk about invaders. Let’s start with the definition of the word “invade”: to enter forcefully as an enemy; go into with hostile intent. The first emotion we associate the word with is fear, anxiety. You don’t think of an invader as a friend you can have coffee with. Also, friends don’t wipe out approximately 40 000 000 people in order to conquer land, like the Mongols did.

Let’s think of the movie Avatar as an example. It’s a pretty well-known movie. Besides the film’s amazing special effects, it is also a great reference for how brutal battles are. The Tree of Souls, the giant willow-like tree, almost got destroyed and it represented the closest connection to Eywa, the Avatars’ God, that there was on the planet. This shows how invaders destroy the spirituality, the culture, the religion of a nation. They tear its integrity apart by making them kneel in front of the enemy’s culture, language, education.  They attack the core of the country and ruin it by changing it.

In the end, there’s no denying it: invaders are the cause of the millions of lost lives throughout history. And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, they easily destroy what a nation has built in thousands of years: like traditions, religion, language and just culture in general. We would have way more monuments and artefacts and we would know so much more about the world’s history, and what had happened before us. Invaders replace life with death, they replace the good with the bad. They are a symbol of war, of coldness. They start a battle with the thought that they will win and that’s why the battles are a blood-bath: because invaders are stubborn and they don’t accept the thought of ending up empty-handed. And once they have what they wished for, that’s when a nation’s identity gets lost.

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