Italy rhymes

SCUOLA PRIMARIA “DON MILANI”, CLASSE 5a D, a.s. 2015-16 RHYMES ON INVADERS The pupils composed these poems using key words got from the stories. CLELIA Roma nove ostaggi a Porsenna donò però Clelia con le amiche dagli Etruschi scappò. Per il patto il Console indietro le mandò, di fronte al re Clelia si scusò. Porsenna assai convinto sei ragazze liberò e tra queste c'era Clelia che a casa ritornò. Rome gave nine hostages to king Porsenna to save the city from war but Clelia escaped with the other girls. The Consul sent them back because of his agreement with the king. In front of the king Clelia proudly said she didn't repent. Porsenna didn't punish her, but for her courage he let her free with five more girls. MUZIO SCEVOLA Muzio romano uccise un innocente ufficiale, quando Re Porsenna voleva ammazzare. Per punizione la mano destra mise a bruciare e da quel giorno Scevola si fece chiamare. A young Roman wanted to free Rome from the Etruscans' besiege killing king Porsenna. But he killed an officer instead, so to punish himself for his sin and mistake, put his right hand on the fire.

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