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“INVADERS” A game created by the 4th class B, “Don Milani” Primary School, school year 2014-15 This game won a contest organised by Faenza City Council, in order to promote the inclusion of pupils with special needs at school. The teacher and pupils were inspired by the Erasmus Project they are involved in. Here are the rules: -You can play the game inside a gym or outside in a playground. -You need: two soft balls and four circles placed on the field's corners. -4 invaders -4/5 village inhabitants for each invader At the beginning the invaders stands on one of shortest side of the game field. They have to hit the inhabitants with the ball in order to catch and put them in the closest circle. When an invader keeps the ball he can't make more than 3 steps, then he/she has to throw it or pass it to a mate. Collaboration is important. The prisoners can get the ball if they manage to, and throw it within the field or to a friend. If a free inhabitant manages to catch it, all the prisonisers get free. The game ends when the invaders have caught all the inhabitants or when the inhabitants manage, by a time given, to get free.

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