Visit in the Slavs and Vikings Centre in Wolin

On the 19th and 20th of May students from classes Vb, Vc and Vd visited The Slavs and Vikings Centre in Wolin.
In the Slavs and Vikings Centre in Wolin, they took part in old-time artisanship workshops for children. Surrounded by the reconstructed early mediaeval buildings in Wolin, the participants of the “Live History Lessons” learned how to make pottery and felt, to write using a goose feather quill, to shoot a bow, as well as many other mediaeval practices. They also learnt the rules of fighting from the old times and had an opportunity to try unleavened bread coated with wild honey, jam, old style cheese curds, or lard – all this washed down with traditional herbal teas.
In addition, students played  various games on a “historic” playground. During the activities, children  not only learnt new facts about old Wolin and about life in the Middle Ages, but they also “experienced history” through active participation in the workshops and through hands-on practices. All this helped to bring to life the everyday activities of a thousand years ago.

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