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Bolesław Chrobry Primary School is a co-educational state school situated in a little town called Międzyzdroje in Poland. The school is of medium size. It consists of six grades and the ages of our pupils range from 6 to 12. There are 260 students and 33 teachers. The school admits pupils from a wide range of different social backgrounds, as is the case with most public schools in Poland.
Bolesław Chrobry Primary School is widely regarded as a school that provides good quality education for all its students. The students participate in a range of interesting learning activities which are frequently linked to their own lives and experiences as well as the local community.
We have been involved in international projects (Socrates, Comenius, eTwinning, Erasmus+) since 2007. The Polish National Agency awarded us twice as an Example of Comenius Good Practice. Two of our eTwinning projects received both the National Quality Label and the European Quality Label. Due to the international projects, teaching and learning is enriched by increased inclusion of the European dimension.
Our current philosophy is to provide learning programmes that are challenging and appropriate to the present and future needs of our children.


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